Division One

8 March

Unicorn II currently top the table, they beat Arnesby 7-3, three straight maximums for both Luke Greenfield and Craig Witheford. The Arnesby trio of James Lancaster, Abe Conteh and Darren Bramhall all winning one each. Syston were also beaten 7-3, maximums again for Luke and Craig. One each for Syston’s Jason Woodfield, Clive Stretton and Steve Pound. Both Steve and Jason losing in five to Luke.


Knighton Park I won 7-3 at Electricity I, a max for Chris Rogers, two for Reza Kiani and one for Jack Rogers. Jack losing 8-11 in the fifth to Chris Brewer. Chris won two and Andy Lebutt won one for Electricity. Knighton Park II were beaten 8-2, maximums for Chris and Jack plus one for Reza. James Berry and George McClurkin won one each for Park II.


Unicorn I are third with a match in hand, they beat Holwell 7-3, a max for Lois Peake and two each for Tim Sheppard and Jared Patel. Jared lost 12-14 in the fifth to Mark Green. Mark won two for Holwell.


Thringstone won 6-4 at Holwell, a max for Maurice Newman, two for Alex Brojaka and the pair combining to win a very close doubles to take the four points. For Holwell, Adam Feargrieve won two with one each for Dave Roche and Dave Sharpe.  Thringstone then won 7-3 at AW Wolvey, maximums for both David Arrowsmith and Maurice. Alex lost 8-11 in the fifth to Mick Allsopp. For Wolvey the trio of Mick, Nigel Metcalfe and Gareth Edmunds all won one. Mick losing to Maurice 9-11 in the fifth.


AW Wolvey won 8-2 at Syston, maximums for Mark Rose and Mick Allsopp with a brace for Gareth Edmunds. For Syston Jason Woodfield won one. Steve Pound lost a narrow five setter to Mick.


Electricity I won 8-2 at Knighton Park III, a maximum for Mat Hobday and two each for David Grundy and Andy Lebutt. For Park, Oscar Bentley had two very good wins.


Electricity II lost 4-6 at Arnesby, Harry White won two and Andy Wright won one. Ian Brown with a max for Arnesby, Abe Conteh won two and Darren Bramhall won one.


Individually Craig Witheford still leads the way from Chris Rogers.




Unicorn II -- New Captain.

Luke Greenfield. (M) 07757 215787.


20 Feb

Unicorn 1 remain in top spot, they won 7-3 at Electricity 2, maximums for Jared Patel and Tim Sheppard plus a win for Geoff Parsons. Tim and Jared lost the doubles 9-11 in the fifth. For Electricity, Harry White and Dave Gannon won one each and took the doubles. They then beat the Electricity first team 8-2, maximums for Garry Knights and Lois Peake with a brace for Tim Sheppard. Mat Hobday won the one for Electricity.


Unicorn 2 are hot on the heels of their first team, they beat Knighton Park 1 7-3 in a match with some very close sets, Craig Witheford with a max, two for Yuyu Gong and one for Luke Greenfield. Yuyu lost to Jack Rogers 15-17 in the fifth. For Park Jack won two and Reiza Kiani won one. A first for me to see Chris Rogers have an off night and lose all three, losing 9-11 in the fifth to Luke and losing to Craig 11-5 9-11 10-12 9-11. Jack missed a max losing 8-11 in the fifth to Craig. Park three were then beaten 7-3, maximums for Sam Bailey and Craig with a win for Jacob Sharp. For Park Oscar Bentley and Dan Andrews won one each and combined to take the doubles for a point. Dan lost 7-11 in the fifth to Sam.


Knighton Park 1 beat a two man Electricity 2 7-3, Reza Kiani, Chris and Jack Rogers all won one. Jack lost 8-11 in the fifth to Sam Perry. For Electricity Sam Perry won all three (for the second time against Park 1).


Thringstone are in fourth spot, they drew with Electricity 1, two wins each for Maurice Newman and Trevor Kerry plus the doubles. Maurice lost 10-12 and Trevor 9-11 in the fifth to Andy Lebutt and David Grundy respectively. Georgios Gerakios lost to Andy 11-6 10-12 9-11 10-12. For Electricity  David and Andy won two each plus one for Chris Brewer. Thringstone then drew again, this time with Knighton Park 2. Trevor and Maurice with two each and Alex Brojaka and Maurice combined to take the doubles. Alex lost 7-11 in the fifth to Karen Smith. For Park it was a man of the match performance for James Berry with a maximum, Karen Smith and Richard Hayes won one each.


Holwell came from 2-4 down to beat Knighton Park 2 6-4, Mark Green with a max and one each for Martin Brunning and Mike James. Martin and Mark took the all important doubles. Mike had a good win over George McClurkin and Martin over Karen Smith. For Park James Berry won two with one each for Karen and George. George’s was a good one over Martin. Holwell then travelled to Wolvey with only two players and went down 9-1. For Wolvey John Fuller, Mark Rose and Gareth Edmunds were all unbeaten.


AW Wolvey drew at Arnesby, two wins for John Fuller and one each for Gareth Edmunds and Nigel Metcalfe. Gareth and John both lost 9-11 in the fifth to Matthew Horrocks and Ian Brown respectively. For Arnesby Ian won all three with one each for Darren Bramhall and Matthew.


Knighton Park 3 won at 7-3 at Syston, Oscar Bentley with a max, two for Patrick Cox and one for Dan Andrews. Dan lost 11-13 in the fifth to Steve Pound. For Syston Jason Woodfield won two and Steve won one. Steve was unlucky losing 10-12 and 8-11 in the fifth to Patrick and Oscar respectively.


Individually Craig Witheford of Unicorn 2 now tops the averages just ahead of Jared Patel of Unicorn 1, Chris Rogers of Knighton Park 1 is just behind in third.