Division Three

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Div 3 Week 20 Report


Unicorn III  10  Abbots Road II  0

Claimed by default


Nomads I  2  Knighton Park V  8

Just a solitary win for Mark Clay and Laszlo Kocsis was all Nomads had to show for their nights effort. For Park it was maximums for Steve Adams and Ruben Dehnen, 1 win for Dave Mountain. 


Leicester Electricity IV  5  Knighton Park VI  5

All players got something from the close encounter, for Sparks captain Chris Woodward won 2, Sheriff Makhani and Dave Greasley won 1 each, Chris and Dave winning the doubles for the draw. For Park it was also 2 wins for captain John Bowness and Steve Bessant, 1 win for Rod Pickering.


Holwell Sports III  5  Winstanley Wizards I  5

Another draw for Holwell with both Fred Berdej and Dave Sharpe winning 2 and both failing to take a maximum losing to MoM Jack Kermode 9-11 and 13-15 in the 5th, Paul Gibson winning his 1. For WW a maximum for Jack Kermode, 1 win for Mick Box who then combined to gain a draw with the doubles. 


Knighton Park VII  9  Unicorn IV  1

Park maintained their top position with a customary 3 straight maximum for Amardeep Gudela, 3 wins also for captain Simon Aldis, 2 wins for Martin Pember just losing his game 10-12 in the 5th. For Unicorn, John Brindley won his tight match with Martin was all they had to show for their nights effort. 


Goons II  3  Leicester Electricity V  7

Kevin Edwards won both Goons singles and he then combined with Steve Harrison to gain a point with the doubles, Paul Hinson unlucky to lose 2 of his singles 12-14 in the 5th. Andy Wright was again Sparks star man with a maximum, well supported by Bryan Moylan and Dan Woolman winning 2 each.


Mike James 


Delete Team 6: Syston Casuals III.

Add Team 6: Holwell Sports III (Home night still Tuesday).



Now Wednesday instead of Thursday

Div 3 Week 19 report


Unicorn IV  8  Goons II  2

Maximums for Ron Forster and John Brindley plus 1 win for Eric Baker saw Uni home for the full 4 points. For Goons it was 1 win each for Kevin Edwards and Paul Hinson.


Knighton Park V  7  Holwell Sports III  3

A maximum for Ruben Dehnen, 2 for Eddie Kwok and 1 for Steve Adams to collect full points for Park. For Holwell, it was 1 win each for their trio of Fred Berdej, Paul Gibson and Dave Sharpe.


Winstanley Wizards I  0  Knighton Park VII  10

Claimed by default


Abbots Road II  10  Leicester Electricity IV  0

Abbots dished out a thrashing with Hardik Patel their star man with a 3 straight maximum, 3 wins each also for Raju Rahul and Richard Lee. Only 2 games going the distance with Chris Woodward just losing 13-15 in the 5th to Raju and Dave Silvester 9-11 to Richard.


Knighton Park VI  4  Nomads I  6

For Park it was 2 wins for Jacob Cadman and 1 win for John Bowness, John and Rod Pickering teamed up to win the doubles. Nomads Martin Taylor was MoM with a very good maximum, well supported by captain Laszlo Kocsis with 2 win and Mark Clay adding his 1 win.


Postponed Leicester Electricity V v Unicorn III


Mike James