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Div 3 Final Report


Knighton Park V  7  Holwell Sports  3

Park V finished on a high with a very good team effort with their trio of Martin Pember, Simon Aldis and Chris Parmar-Saville all winning 2 each, Simon just losing in 5 sets to Mike James, who scored a maximum for the Melton outfit.


Winstanley Wizards l  5  Knighton Park Vll  5

Points were shared with Kai Bhakta PoM with a very good maximum, Mick Box had 1 win and the Bhakta brothers Kai and Kalan earned the draw by winning the Doubles. For Park, captain Neil Smith and Pawel Szumlanski both won 2 and the improving Cory Lancaster had 1 win.


Knighton Park Vl  0  Winstanley Wizards l  10

The final game of the season saw bottom team  Park Vl lose to a full strength WW side 10-0. The trio of Rod Pickering, Steve Bessant and Robert Geary unable to register a win. For WW it was maximums all round for Kai and Kalan Bhakta and the returning Himansu Mishra, for them to claim 3rd place but could have been a lot different had they been able to field their best trio consistently.. 



These results complete the Division for this season. Congratulations to Syston Casuals lll on gaining top spot and Chetan Tailor for topping the individual averages. Knighton Park V were runners up and Kai Bhakta was runner up in the individual averages.  Knighton Park Vl were bottom but with only 6 teams, well above the relegation places.

Thanks to all the teams for a very enjoyable season with very few cancellations or problems and very fast score cards.   


Mike James

Div 3 Week 9 Report


Knighton Park Vll  6  Holwell Sports  4

Park up to second in the table with a 6-4 win with Cory Lancaster (114) again the star for them with a very good maximum with wins against grades of 192, 160 and 127. He was well supported by Pawel Szumlanski with 2 wins and captain Neil Smith with 1 win. For Holwell it was 2 wins for Dave Roche and 1 win for Fred Berdej, these combining to win the Doubles.


Winstanley Wizards l  3  Syston Casuals lll  7

Syston look to have sewn up the top spot with this victory but WW gave them a fright, Kai Bhakta won 2 including a very good win over Chetan Tailor, Dave Seeds won the other one. Captain Ian Whetherly was PoM for Syston with a very good maximum, well supported by Chetan Tailor with 2 wins and Ian Lockington with 1 win, the two Ian;s winning the Doubles.


Knighton Park Vl  1   Knighton Park V  9

The all Park match saw Park Vl beaten  with only Robert Geary showing any resistance having a good win against Simon Aldis and going to 5 sets and 4 sets against the other two. Rod Pickering and playing up Zayd Mulla failing to make an impact. For Park V it was PoM Dave Mountain and Captain Chris Parmar-Saville with maximums and Simon Aldis with 2 wins to overtake their 7th team to move to second place.


Mike James



PS Cory Lancaster most improved and a candidate for special mention. 

Div 3 Week 8 Report


Syston Casuals lll  9  Knighton Park V  1

First verses second saw a surprising score line of 9-1 to Syston with Chetan Tailor and Ian Wetherly both unbeaten, they were well supported by Ian Lockington who won 2 games and combined with the other Ian to win the Doubles. For Park, only a solitary win for Dave Mountain to show for their nights effort. This leaves Syston, 5 points clear at the top of the table with only 2 games to play.


Knighton Park Vl  5  Holwell Sports  5

The basement battle ended level with John Bowness and Steve Bessant winning 2 and Rod Pickering 1 win. For Holwell, a maximum for Mike James and 1 win for Dave Sharpe who combined for the Doubles to gain a draw.


Next Weeks Fixtures

Park Vl  v Park V

Park Vll  v Holwell

Winstanley l  v Syston lll


Mike James 

Div 3 Week 10 Report


Holwell Sports  4  Winstanley Wizards 1  6

Holwell suffered a second 6-4 defeat to WW with Dave Roche and Mike James both getting 2 wins. For WW it was a PoM performance for Kai Bhakta (123) scoring a maximum without losing a single game, including wins against Dave (192) and Mike (180) well supported by his brother Kalan and Mick Box with 1 win each. Kai and Kalan pairing up to win the important Doubles. 


Knighton Park V 4  Knighton Park Vll  6

The all Park affair resulted in a surprise result with the 7th team beating the 5th 6-4. For the 5th team it was 2 each for PoM Chris Parmar-Saville and Dave Mountain, Martin Pember just losing to Cory 11-9 in the 5th set. For Park 7, 2 wins each for Cory Lancaster and Pawel Szumlanski and 1 win for Roma Morjaria, Cory and Pawel winning the Doubles for the full 4 points.



Syston Casuals lll 10  Knighton Park Vl  0

Syston are worthy champions after demolishing a 2 man Park team with Chetan Tailor again PoM, well supported by captain Ian Whetherly and Ian Lockington. Chetan has secured the individual averages winning 22 games out of 26. Injuries to Parks team left them with only two fit players, Rod Pickering and Steve Bessant to try to salvage some pride from the night.


Mike James 

Div 3 Week  7 Report


Holwell Sports  4  Knighton Park Vl  6

The basement battle saw Park get their first win inflicting the second defeat in 5 days for Holwell for whom Fred Berdej won 2 and Tim Smith won 1 and they combined to win the Doubles. For Park, Rod Pickering was PoM only losing 12-10 in the 5th set to Tim to complete a very good team performance, their trio of Rod, Steve Bessant and Robert Geary all getting 2 wins each.


Knighton Park Vll  7  v   Syston Casuals lll  3

Park beat a depleted 2 man Syston squad with 2 each for their trio of Roma Majoria, Neal Smith and Pawel Szumlanski. For Syston, Chetan Tailor was PoM winning all his 3 games, Ian Knight playing up lost his 3 but all were in 4 sets.


Knighton Park V 6   Winstanley Wizards l  4

Park now look favourites to top the division after inflicting a defeat on WW with a very good team performance for their trio of PoM Dave Mountain, Simon Aldis and Chris Parmar-Saville all getting 2 wins each. For WW Kalan Bhakta won 2 and his brother Kai with 1 win, these two combining to win the Doubles.


Mike James