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Nomads are looking for several players, mainly in Division Three where their First Team will probably be after being relegated as well as their Second Team who are established at that level.

They might also need a player in Division Four.

They play at Eyres Monsell Baptist Church in a playing area with plenty of room and are an active club.

If you can help then please get in touch with Roger Burley who is now Club Secretary: Telephone (H) 271 1700.

Please feel free to let me know if your club is looking for any players for the 2017/18 season and which division.  Also, if you are a player looking for a club then the same applies.


Knighton Park 10, Lutterworth Rotary 0.

Leic Electricity 5, Winstanley Wizards 5.

White Eagles 5 Regent Sports 5.


Two draws out of the blue with White Eagles and Regent Sports locked, although it was bad luck on Keith Tointon who pulled a muscle in the doubles which had to be conceded.  Zeljko Koncarevic did well to win two for Eagles but none could get past Ken Garratt.


Alex Jeffreris notched up a maximum in Leicester Electricity's draw with Winstanley Wizards, while Jack Kermode won two for the Wizards.  Ken Wadeson making his debut for Winstanley played plenty of games, two sets going to five, and beat Victor Parrilla, while Gurnak Singh beat Daniel Woolman.


Meanwhile Knighton Park were notching up a 10-0 victory over Lutterworth Rotary to go top with Ben Smulczyski, Kenny Obilaso and Jack Rogers all on top form.  Chart at the top up to date.

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