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Willmot Cup Report 7/05/2022 By Luke Greenfield


It was a surprisingly sunny morning as the two Leicestershire representatives made their way to Tamworth for this year’s addition of the Wilmott cup. Despite being in a different county the drive was closer than Arnesby ensuring team morale stayed at a good level. After negotiating the M42 and a chicken mayo sandwich Greenfield especially was feeling up for the days play. He almost didn’t make it however due to Pettitt ditching him in the carpark but luckily the Leicester local took pity and came back to ensure Greenfield made it to the hall. 


After a strong knock up the games began with a very strong Leamington side up first. Greenfield started for the pair winning the first set in deuce but dropping the second. At 1-1 though the Leicestershire man stepped up a level and took the match 3-1. Pettitt was next up but despite some measured play couldn’t quite get into gear. The doubles was a mix of quality from the pair with both a reverse flick winner and round the net executed but it was not enough to get a set on the board in a 3-0 loss. Pettitt again went down fighting in his subsequent match but greenfield managed to blitz his second singles by the same score leaving the match 3-2 in the oppositions favour. Leamington would subsequently go on to win the tournament. 


Next up was Grantham where greenfield opened the match with a straight sets win. After going 2-0 down Pettitt really started to get going in his first singles bringing the match back to parity but was unlucky to eventually lose in the 5th. The doubles proved more fruitful however with a 3-0 win. The second set was tight and could’ve been a turning point but Pettitt produced a ridiculous run of forehand winners to keep the victory a straightforward one. Greenfield then turned on the style to defeat the reverse opponent 3-0 while Pettitt lost 3-1 to his opposite number in a close encounter leaving the score 3-2 to Leicestershire. 


The team then watched as the final match was played to decide their positioning for the next opponent. This turned out to be Northampton much to Greenfields dismay as their number 1 was a very awkward pimples player. He subsequently lost the first singles to said player despite a good start while Pettitt barely broke sweat in defeating his opponent. The doubles could’ve been a banana skin but some key shots in big points made sure it was won 3-0. Pettitt was then extremely unfortunate to go down to the pimples player with the net playing a key role. Finally with the score 2-2 greenfield dispatched the last opponent in 3 straight to ensure the 3-2 victory. 


While on another day the team would’ve fancied their chances at the win, a 3rd placed finish was still very respectable with some strong players on show. However, the team was delighted to here news of the woman’s performance in their equivalent event ensuring a strong showing from the Leicestershire league this year. 


Luke Greenfield - 5/6

Adam Pettitt - 1/6

Doubles - 2/3


Kind regards 


Luke Greenfield

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