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Chairman: Peter Wilson.
Vice Chairman: Ian Whetherly.
Secretary: Tim Cawston.
Assistant Secretary: Mike Smith and Eiz Eddin Al Katrib.

Treasurer: Steve Webb.

Registrations and Gradings: Jason Woodfield.

Publicity and Top Spin: John Bowness.
Development Officer: Harry White.

Junior League Organiser: Mike Smith.

Cup Secretary: Dave Silvester.

Rose Johnson Memorial: Shirley Pickering.

Divisional Secretaries: Martin Bolton, Shirley Pickering, Mike James, Ian Wetherly, Bob Palmer.


President: David Green.

Chairman: Russell Pettitt.
Secretary: Shirley Pickering.  also National Councillor.
Treasurer: Karen Smith.

Mike Holt.
Chris Rogers.

Mike Smith.  Development Officer.

Jane Rogers.
Andy LeButt.  Chairman of Selectors.

John Bowness. Publicity.

Terry Bown. Closed Championships

Tony Smith.

Jordon Tweed.

Eileen Shaler. Umpires Secretary.

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