Leicester and District League news items


(all matches to be played by the end of the February cup week)


Lillian Williamson Cup (U-115)


Abbots Road 6-3 Leicester Electricity

AR: Sameer Shaikh 1, Zararia Yusuf 3, Steve Sullivan 2. LE: Graham Piggin 1, Dave Bray 2, Rhys Hickey 0.

Knighton Park ‘B’ 3-6. Knighton Park ‘A’

KPB: Tony Scarborough, Phill Wood, Mike Smith all 1.  Ayman Gabbar 3, Paul Ducksbury 3, Dave Cooper 0.


Frith Trophy (U-140)


Goons 5-4 Knighton Park ‘A’

G: John Jacques 3, Paul Hinson 2, Barry Robinson 0.  KP: Chris Parmar-Saville 2, Robert Geary 1, Michael Parker 1

Abbots Road 5-3 Leicester Electricity

AR: Bradley Lapworth 2/3, Eiz Rddin Al Katrib 2/2, Kishen Mistry 1/3.  LE: Bryan Moylan 2/3, Dave Greasley 1/3, Dave Silvester 0-2.


Saracen Cup (U-170)


Blaby & Whetstone 1-5 Syston Casuals

BW: Tom Phipps 1/2, Jack Angrave, Alan Willson.  SC: Ian Lockington 2/2, S Ward 2/2, Terry Hall 1/2.

Leicester Electricity 1-5  Abbots Road

LE: Chris Woodward 1/2, Sheriff Makhani, Dave Cox.  AR: Raju Rahul 2/2, Hardik Patel 2/2, Ketan Patel 1/2.


Corrall Cup (U-210)


Abbots Road vs. Knighton Park ‘A’

Leicester Electricity vs. [Syston Casuals or Knighton Park ‘B’]


Rose Johnson Cup


Knighton Park ‘A’ 5-1 Knighton Park ‘B’

KPA: Chris Rogers 2/2, Osman Bawa 2/2, Reza Kiani 1/2.  KPB: James Berry 1/2, Karen Smith George McClurkin.

Syston Casuals ‘A’ 0-6 Leicester Electricity ‘B’

     LE: Adam Pettitt, Harry White, Dave Gannon.


Matches must be played by Friday 21 February 2020.

A reminder that the home team should offer two dates to the away team (Rule 40).

It is intended that the finals will be played by Friday 24 April 2020.


Please confirm that the ties have been arranged and send your match scorecards to Dave Silvester (contact details on p.4 of handbook)

CUP DRAWS 2019/20


[all q/finals to be played by Friday 13 December 2019]


Lillian Williamson Cup (U-115)- q/finals [BYE: Leicester Electricity]


Knighton Park ‘A’ 4-5 Knighton Park ‘D’

Knighton Park ‘B 8-1 Knighton Park ‘C’

Abbots Road 8-1 Regent Sports


Frith Trophy (U-140)- q/finals [BYE: Knighton Park ‘A’]


Leicester Electricity 5-4 Syston Casuals

Blaby & Whetstone 2-5 Abbots Road -- CARD

Goons 5-4 Knighton Park ‘B’


Saracen Cup (U-170)- q/finals [BYES: Abbots Road, Blaby & Whetstone, Syston Casuals]


Leicester Electricity 5-4 Knighton Park


Corrall Cup (U-210)- q/finals [BYES: Abbots Road, Leicester Electricity, Knighton Park ‘A’]


Syston Casuals vs. Knighton Park ‘B’ -- ??


Rose Johnson Cup- q/finals [BYE: Syston Casuals ‘A’]


Blaby & Whetstone << Given to B & W Leicester Electricity ‘B’

Syston Casuals ‘B’ Given to KP >> Knighton Park ‘B’

Knighton Park ‘A’ 5-3 Leicester Electricity ‘A’




-the home team should offer two dates (Rule 40a) in the cup weeks set aside for these fixtures

-fixtures may be played in league (rather than cup) weeks, but only by mutual agreement

-players need to have the appropriate grading for each competition (Rules 37, 38, 39, and 40f)

-scorecards should be sent to Dave Silvester (details on p.4 of the handbook)


-the s/final draw will be made in Dec/Jan (and the finals will be played by Fri 24 April 2020)

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