PERFORMANCES OF THE WEEK during 2019/20 --  Please feel free to let me know of any outstanding performances.

14 Mar  OSCAR BENTLEY (KP D1).  Playing for his club's third team Oscar, who is graded 207, beat Karen Smith (266), James Berry (226) and George McClurkin (215) in a 6-4 defeat.

COLIN JONES (Lutterworth D4).  Colin's records stands P36, W36 = 100% having just won three against Syston, one of the clubs vying for promotion.  He needs to play in all three matches remaining in order to qualify for individual honours.

7 Mar  KAI BHAKTA AND KALAN BHAKTA (Winstanley IV D5).  These two young brothers when forcing a draw against top team KP IX won the doubles to bring their tally in this discipline to played 11, won 11.  Two things, one being it's good to see all the doubles being played lower down as not far off 50% are being given away in Div One, and it is especially good to see two young players such as these actually doing so well in doubles.  More often you find juniors playing singles in a doubles match, and struggling.

29th Feb  MARTIN TAYLOR (Nomads D3).  Martin is graded at 163 and won all three in a 6-4 defeat against Abbots Road II: Steve Pratt (170), Richard Lee (174) and Raju Rahul (145).  Martin also won the doubles with Laszlo Kocsis.

NEAR MISSESMAURICE NEWMAN (Thringstone D1) at 263 Maurice won three in a 6-4 success including a victory over Adam Feargrieve who is graded 291.  RUBEN DEHNEN (KP V D3) Ruben won all three in a 5-5 draw against team mates, KP VII, including a win against Amardeep Gudela who is top of the averages.

15th Feb  JAMES BERRY (Knighton P, D1).  James is graded at 226 and won all three in his team's 5-5 draw against Thringstone including victories over Trevor Kerry (281) and Maurice Newman (263) as well as Alex Brojaka.

8th Feb  IAN BROWN (Arnesby D1).  Ian is graded at 251 and won all three against AW Wolvey in a 5-5 draw which included victories over Gareth Edmunds (271) and John Fuller (263) as well as the ungraded Nigel Metcalf.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS from Unicorn II v KP I in D1.  CRAIG WITHEFORD (Uni) collected a maximum including a win over Chris Rogers.  JACK ROGERS (KP) faced new sensation, Yu Yu Gong, and found himself 9-10 down in the fifth game.  Saved six match points and won 17-15.

1st Feb  RHYS EMERY (Arnesby D2).  Rhys faced the very competitive Abbots Road team of Geoff Hancock, Fahed Sacoor and Vishal Parmar and came up with a very fine three-straight maximum in his team's 6-4 defeat, the doubles the other won by Arnesby.

25th Jan  GEMMA HARGRAVE (Desford D5).  Gemma is graded 63 and beat Phil Wood (108) KPX, in an 8-2 defeat.

BRADLEY LAPWORTH (106) and EIZ EDDID AL KATRIB (111) both won three for Abbots Road in D4 against top team Lutterworth, including victories over Mike Eastell (126) and Simon Jones (119) as well as the ungraded but useful John Pulford.

18th Jan  MICHAEL PARKER (KP D4).  Michael, a junior, is graded at 119 and won all three against Blaby and Whetstone, Tom Phipps (130), Alan Willson (133) and Jack Angrave (126).  Coincidentally Tom was PoW last week.

11th Jan  TOM PHIPPS (B&W D4).  Tom is graded at 130 and won all three in a 5-5 draw against Desford Village including victories over Luke Blair (151) and John Henshaw (141).

7th Dec  CHRIS ROGERS (KP, D1).  A similar situation to a couple of weeks ago except it was Chris beating Jared this time in a 6-4 defeat.  Jared was unbeaten but they have now both lost one.  A great maxi for Chris against the defending champions.

An honourable mention to SIMON ALDIS (KP, D3) graded 138 who won all three against Electricity V including Andy Wright (178).

30th Nov  Two useful maximums.  BOB WHITTAKER (Syston Casuals D2)  graded 174 Bob beat Russ Pettitt (178) and John Winsper (175) in helping is team to a draw against Electricity III.  DAVE MOUNTAIN (K Park D3)  graded 145 Dave beat Chris Woodward (158) and Sheriff Makhani (150) in helping his team to a 6-4 victory against Electricity IV.

23th Nov  JARED PATEL (Unicorn D1).  Jared has been playing in the league for some years now, initially as a student but has now settled in the area.  He is ranked Number One for the County and has played seven league matches, so far undefeated.

16th Nov  Three for the price of one.  11-year-old KAI BHAKTA (Winstanley) who won all three for his normal team in Div 5 in a 6-4 win over KP IX who are vying for promotion, and then played in Div 4 to win all three against Regent Sports II.

GEMMA HARGRAVE (Desford Village, D5).  Strives match after match and came up with an excellent maximum against KP XI.

DAVE SHARPE (Holwell Sports D3).  Won all three against KPV in a 6-4 defeat.

9th Nov  Not easy to find a really stand out one this week and no-one put a nomination forward so -- two good maximums.......

STEVE WHITE (Electricity D2) Won all three against Abbots Road in a 6-4 win, including over Geoff Hancock (184 v 189).

TOM PHIPPS (Blaby & Whet D4) Won all three against Nomads II in a 5-5 draw, including against the previously undefeated Chris Weston (130 v 137).

2nd Nov  MICK BOX (WW, D3).  Mick is graded at 111.  He helped his team to a win against Unicorn IV when beating Ron Forster (150), John Brindley (159) and David Green (126).  Mick was in the squad when I was coaching the juniors, not all that long ago -- honest.

27th Oct  SIMON ALDIS (KP, D3).  Simon is graded at 138.  He won all three against Abbots Road II, Steve Pratt (170), Raju Rahul (145) and Bhulesh Rathod (145) in a 6-4 victory.  Steve had already beaten KP's new star, Amardeep Gudela, for his first defeat.

19th Oct  EIZ EDDIN AL KATRIB (Abbots Road in the Frith Trophy).  Eiz, who designed the excellent Elbow Tankard link in the summer, is Graded at 111 and won all three against Blaby & Whetstone in a 5-2 victory.  The three opponents were Alan Willson (133), Tom Phipps (130), Jack Angrave (126)

12th Oct  COUNTY SENIOR TEAM.  Won promotion to the Premier Division for next season.  Team: Chris Rogers (capt), Jared Patel, George Briskolas, Jack Rogers, Karen Smith, Becky George, Daria Dzierbicka.  Report on front page.

Also a mention for Ken Oram (Winstanley IV D5) who won his first maximum in the league since 1983.

5th Oct  JOHN WOODWARD (Fleckney Div 5).  John had his first taste in the league last season and gained 21% in Div Five.  This year, graded at 70, he has started well including winning three to spearhead his team to a 6-4 victory over Regent III, including the scalps of Gary Featherstone (101) and Richard Just (99).  A mention also for Himansu Mishra making his debut in Div 1 for KP with a grading of 189 and beating AW Wolvey's Gareth Edmunds (271) and Mick Allsopp (230).

28th Sept  ANTON THOMAS (Goons, Div 2).  Anton is graded at 166 and won all three in a 7-3 defeat against Holwell Sports II, Tony Fox (201), Mike James (192) and Dave Roche (192).  An honourable mention for 11-year-old JACOB CADMAN (KP D3) who won all three against his club's experienced fifth team in a 5-5 draw.

21st Sept  HARRY WHITE (Electricity II, Div 1).  Harry is graded at 219 and won all three in a 5-5 draw against his own first team, beating Matt Hobday (254), Andy LeButt (258) and David Grundy (250) along the way.  Excellent first League P of W.

15th Sept   KP Young Ones.  First of the new season (as it's about to start) are Oscar Bentley, Brajesh Patel and Vishaal Sharda who won the Elbow Tankard by defeating Winstanley Wizards in the final.  I should also add Patrick Cox who missed the final match.

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